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With these sexy dresses you’re sure to win the rose!

You’ll need a classic lady look to win the heart of a Bachelor. And with these four cocktail dresses, you can show you’ve got the style and dress to emphasise your best features. So it looks like that rose won’t be long in coming …

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Sexy fashions for every occasion

Jeans & pants

Jeans can be worn on almost any occasion, which is what makes them so incredibly popular with young and old. Whether just for casual strolling, on vacation, at a party or even at work, jeans and pants are fabulous to wear and are a style which is always in fashion!

Skirts & dresses

There is no doubt skirts and dresses are the most beautiful and feminine garments of all. Their variety of colours, fabrics, patterns and infinite number of playful touches make Koucla®’s fashionable skirts and dresses a perennial favourite.

T-shirts & tops

Whether as an eye-catcher or a foundation layer – T-shirts are the basis of so many styles. Our assortment is designed for self-confident young women who want to show off their sweet, sometimes cheeky, sometimes provocative and sometimes sexy style while always following current fashion trends.


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Sweaters & Long-sleeved Shirts

Jackets & Blazers

Jacken & Blazer


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