Hot Looks for Cool Days: Find body-hugging pullovers and long-sleeved shirts in contemporary designs which suit your style!

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Find a huge selection of sexy sweaters here – whether you need a V-neck, batwing sleeves or rhinestones – Koucla® sweaters are always in fashion

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Long sleeve shirts by Koucla®

A huge selection of great shirts for every look.

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Pullovers for young ladies are no longer just practical garments for the cold weather. Nowadays, they are available in the most creative cuts and the trendiest designs so they have become a stylish option you could wear to the disco. Koucla® has a wide selection of modern pullovers in different colours and with some unique patterns!

Young women choose their clothes to create a look and want fashion which makes them look even more beautiful and emphasises their femininity. Pullovers rarely show too much, but they are nevertheless figure-hugging and can look very pretty with interesting cut-outs and decorative detail. Whether worn for work, leisure or at a party, Koucla® pullovers are guaranteed to do their job – they keep you warm and yet are fashionable too. A V-neck pullover worn for its décolleté effect is guaranteed to attract attention and some admiring glances.

Feminine sweaters

A roll-neck sweater can look very feminine in cashmere or angora wool. It’s always a nice cosy fit against your body and feels great to wear – a really snug and cuddly experience. The look can be spiced up with long necklaces matching the colour of your sweater. This completes your outfit and gives a nice sense of coordination to the overall picture. You could also try wearing a cardigan in a contrasting colour.

Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve shirts are indispensable in the fashion world! They inspire every fashionista in lots of different styles, and so are a real must-have! They can be worn with every outfit and for every occasion. Yet a shirt is such a simple garment, and that simplicity means it can be used in many different combinations. The shirts in the Koucla® range are actually quite sophisticated, but these trendy long sleeves are very sexy and will inspire every fashion-conscious woman! Today’s long-sleeved shirt is a fascinatingly sexy garment which shapes the female silhouette, giving the wearer a different look according to the style.

The Koucla® range includes a diverse repertoire of fashionable long sleeve shirts in every conceivable design and cut. From cowl necklines to the classic V-neck, these fashionable long-sleeved shirts will give ladies a fine figure and allow them to skilfully emphasise their own particular style. Casual models with bat sleeves and Carmen necklines radiate pure femininity and modern chic. But there are other models too, for example with round necklines, with roll- or shirt collars, with or without buttons, worn as a wrap look or as a long shirt, which have become indispensable in the exciting world of fashion. Whatever colours or styles you choose, the sheer variety of our product lines will always leave our customers wanting more!


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