Can you wear a blazer to create a sexy business outfit? Sure you can! At Koucla® you’ll find the right blazers which will perfectly accentuate your figure.

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Every woman wants to stay with trends and dress fashionably. And that means some indispensable basics will always find their way into her wardrobe. Among other things, this includes an elegant Blazer which can be worn both on more formal occasions and for everyday casual wear. Koucla®’s blazer range has a broad selection of different styles to choose from!

The Blazer is now seen everywhere and widely used as an everyday garment for work and play. So over the past few decades, the blazer’s look has continued its fashionable evolution. Our new designs are right in line with contemporary trends and are indispensable for any fashion-conscious woman! These new cuts and current patterns are also a perfect choice for the younger woman! Dedicated blazer fans will find the Koucla® blazer collection has lots of stylish and trendy versions of this popular classic. And remember blazers are not just for cold days. For the summer, Koucla® has sexy short sleeve models, or even some with 7/8 sleeves, which can look very relaxed and casual.

The blazer as a combination piece

Many fashion-conscious women love the blazer because it’s so versatile and can be sexy as well as serious. And the fact it can be combined in so many ways is what makes it such a popular choice to wear. Hardly any other garment in the fashion world offers so many different combinations, and blazer applications can range from classic elegant to feminine and sexy.

Koucla® attaches great importance to every taste, and as with other jackets and tops, you can always visually enhance a blazer with carefully chosen accessories. For example, some fashionable women use a nice waist belt to emphasise the female figure. Waist belts are now a very popular choice to give a blazer the finishing touch. It’s also important to wear the right jewellery, which should always be simple and elegant for a dressy occasion. However, everyday wear can be much more upbeat and is the time to try some showy and sparkling jewellery items! The new blazer trends in the Koucla® range will inspire women to explore different styles and try out some different combinations!

Koucla® jackets – stay warm, cuddly and sexy in winter

Sexy leather jackets, cuddly coats or a casual denim jacket – with Koucla® jackets you will always be well dressed throughout the colder season. Even in winter, your look can still be super-sexy inside a cuddly winter jacket. And with the right shoes and accessories, you’ll always be well dressed and can hide that hyper-sexy party outfit under your coat. Then at the party, you can just hand over your jacket and the winter weather won’t affect your style at all. And for those rainy days, the Koucla® range also has many weatherproof jackets or jackets with hoods. Of course, you’ll also find warm down jackets, leather jackets and other sexy winter jackets too.


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