From hot pants to skintight jeans – at Koucla® you’ll find just the pants you need to suit your taste and style.

Koucla® jeans

The latest trends in jeans with rhinestones, embroidery or a used look. Discover our latest Koucla® jeans collection here

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Koucla® pants

It doesn’t always have to be jeans: Koucla® has a wide selection of pants in the latest colours and cuts to show off those great legs and that shapely butt.
Discover the great Koucla® pants collection!

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Jeans have long been a cult product associated with a variety of trends. A pair of jeans can be worn on almost any occasion, which is what makes them so popular with young and old. Whether it’s just for casual strolling, on vacation, at a party or even at work, jeans can never be the wrong choice. These practical all-rounders have become an indispensable part of today’s wardrobes and the number one choice in pants. And rightly so, because thanks to the robust and beautiful fabric, you not only have fun wearing them, they also look really great.

Hot pants and other sexy jean variants

Whether it’s 7/8-length jeans, bermudas and sexy hot pants, flared pants that make your leg slimmer, or denim skirts in different lengths and washes, Koucla® offers a full range of trendy jeans. They are available in a variety of colours, which of course includes the classic blue. But even “blue” itself is a broad term – light and dark washes, jeans in a used look with holes, patches and faded spots, jeans that flatter the figure, patches on thighs and back pockets are just some of the options available to you.

Every pair of jeans is special

Our jeans collection also has immense variety in the way these pants are designed and presented. Holes, tears, gold spray, rivets, embroidery, beads and sequins, various finishing treatments, combinations with other fabrics and other extras turn jeans into stylish fashion items with a unique touch. Tight, well-fitting jeans make a sexy butt look good, and so are stylish for everyday wear, as well as for the evening. Of course, if you prefer, you will also find countless pants in our range which are tastefully understated. And incidentally, jeans don’t always have to be the blue. Although blue is the most popular denim colour, there are women’s jeans in all shades. For instance, at Koucla® we find black jeans are always very popular.

There are other pants besides jeans

Whether you wear jeans or trousers, sexy tube pants or stretch jeans – the main thing is they should be tight and figure-hugging. Women are always allowed to highlight their beautiful sexy legs, and you’re sure to find the best style of leg for every occasion in our Koucla® collection. Whether you want to wear long trousers, ¾ trousers, super-short hot pants or shorts for warm weather, Koucla® has trousers for every taste and occasion!

Koucla® stays in touch with all the latest trends, so you can always find out what is currently “IN”. At the moment, the focus is on eye-catching colours and patterns. The latest craze in the fashion world are tight pants in animal print, though our leather-look pants are in great demand too, and we also find bright colours are currently very popular.


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