Suitable for every season we offer you the latest trends.

Swimwear by Koucla®

In the area of sexy swimwear we have a particularly large selection for you.

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Monokini or Bikini

From sexy monokini to classic bikini, discover a selection of diverse models in our swimwear category.

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Swimwear by Koucla®

Suitable for every season we offer you the latest trends.

Sexy swimwear for every occasion in the current trend and in classic or unusual colors and styles you will find only with us. Discover from the sexy monokini to the classic bikini a selection of diverse models in our category swimwear.


he so-called monokini is a mixture of bikini and swimsuit. Mono” means that it consists of only one part, whereby a clear distinction between the upper and lower part is usually visible. Due to its special shape it is a real eye-catcher at every visit to the bathing area. For those who want to be trendy at the bathing lake, on the beach or in the swimming pool, the Monokini is just the right thing.

This form of swimwear is available in different colours and styles. Depending on taste and mood, the fashion-conscious woman of today will find her favourite piece among all the beautiful models. With a fashionable one-piece suit you are guaranteed to attract all eyes. Not only does the monokini emphasize the fashion consciousness of a woman with its trendy shape, but the one-piece suits can also be spiced up with playful ornaments. For example, the one-piece swimwear can be adorned with pearls or little stones or crocheted into the fabric pattern to achieve an even more beautiful effect. Models with sewn-in rings on the belly or similar motifs also provide an eye-catcher. Likewise, one-piece suits with geometric shapes make for envious looks. There are no limits to fashion creativity and the variety is great. If you prefer simple models, you can still combine them with beautiful accessories. For example, a pair of creoles or a chic bangle can already provide a perfectly rounded look. A nice wide straw hat can also spice up the outfit. For those who are not quite so showy to put on a bikini and don’t think a classic swimsuit is particularly fashionable, this beautiful eye-catcher is perfect.


The bikini belongs to the most fashionable swimwear for women. It only covers a little and is a real eye-catcher. Due to its scarce fabrics it has already caused a stir in the past, but fortunately it has made a comeback in swimwear. But this was not just the classic bikini, various stylish models followed. There is a suitable swimwear for every female figure. The swimwear can also be combined with stylish accessories to make the outfit even trendier. Once the perfect swimwear has been found, the holiday feeling can already come.

Halter neck

The halter neck bikini has no classic straps like the bikini. Its straps run around the neck and thus prevent tan lines on the back. This model can be worn by women of any figure. Models with sewn-in push-ups can also be eye-catching.


The bandeau bikini on the other hand is worn completely without straps. However, there are also models where the straps can be removed. The bandeau is recommended for women who want to create a smaller bust size.


The Tankini offers the possibility to conceal one or the other problem area. The upper part is extended and therefore the belly is completely covered. Ideal for every woman who does not want to do without the two-piece during the bathing season, but also wants to keep her belly covered.


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