Our hot Halloween looks

What’s your taste – sexy and scary or beautiful and spooky? We wish you a “Happy Halloween” with our sizzling hot latex looks! Each can be transformed into a freaky seasonal costume with just a few accessories – and will also give you a stunning wet look outfit to wear.

Black Devil

Pure seduction from the ankles to the hips, these sexy Koucla® latex-look trousers are slit and laced to reveal plenty of flashes of your lovely skin. And shining like liquid liquorice, this black, strapless wet-look top covers your midriff, showing off your curves and highlighting your shoulders and arms. With just a few accessories like a trendy chain belt plus a pair of horns and bat wings you can create your own ultra-demonic, raunchy devil costume. Finish off with a pair of sexy high heels or black ankle boots to make your legs stretch all the way from heaven to hell.

Be my Halloween Bunny!

Ever since Donnie Darko we know some cute bunnies can be very scary too – but this sexy outfit is sure to appeal to any Roger Rabbit. Our tight-fitting, latex-look mini dress with a generous full cleavage is a brilliant way to feature your curvy figure. The close fit also makes the most of your long legs – especially when worn with our sexy high-heel, peep-toe sandals with ankle straps in a snakeskin-look. Wear this outfit with a rabbit mask and you’ll be the hottest Halloween Bunny at the party.

Fallen Angel

Do you love to play with fire? Then our red latex-look mini dress will be just your thing, and a sexy accessory like a triple chain belt in silver or gold will set off this shiny wet look to perfection. And our exquisite high-heel sandals with straps in a red or black are just made to enhance your long legs. Wear them with feathered wings or devil horns to turn yourself into a seductive heavenly messenger, a steamy hot devil or a fallen angel.