Sexy swimsuit must-haves for the summer

Get ready for some sun, sea and sand: Our very latest exotic looks are about to make this an especially hot summer! Whether you choose trendy flamingos, bold fruits or exotic blossoms – with our latest bikinis, monokinis and matching accessories, you’re sure to be a sun queen at the pool or on the beach!

Stay casual – be a flamingo!

This white swimsuit with a trendy flamingo print will be a real eye-catcher at the pool. There’s nothing that represents tropical elegance, nonchalance and sheer joie de vivre more than a stately flamingo: Just floating around, rose-pink, on those long legs and enjoying life to the full – the perfect attitude for any beach holiday! Our white monokini is a great way to show off your first sexy tan of the season. And worn with a light beach skirt and sexy platform sandals with ankle straps, you would have a perfectly styled outfit for enjoying the sun and a sun-downer in your favourite beach bar.

A golden pineapple to create an upbeat mood

Refreshing as an iced Piña Colada, our monokini comes in a bold pineapple print: The seductive fruit motif creates a bright colour contrast against a black swimsuit and looks outrageously good whether you have a pale complexion or tanned skin. So if you’re in the Caribbean, on the Mediterranean, or just beside an outdoor pool – with this swimsuit you can look great wherever the sun rises. And you can match your summer look by adding a pair of our sexy platform sandals.

Our Exotic Look bikini is a real hot two-piece. You can wear this if you want to expose plenty of your skin and shapely curves to the sun. And away from the sun lounger, it looks great when combined with a light blouse and some sexy shorts – the perfect outfit for hot summer evenings on the beach, driving around with the top down or cool drinks in the beach bar.

Sexy beach accessories

If you’re lounging aboard a luxury yacht or on a dream beach – you’ll cut an elegant figure just about anywhere with our trendy sun-hat. This sexy accessory doubles as a sunscreen and lives up to its playful “Holiday Fashion” logo – a must-have for your summer holiday!

Our sexy hoop earrings are just the thing to transform your beach look into the perfect beach bar outfit. They’ll add some glamorous highlights to flirt with the sun, and let you glitter seductively like the sea.