This summer is hot! And not just because the thermometer says so. You only ever need light, skimpy clothes at this time of year. Simple but sexy is our advice when it comes to finding the right look for these sultry, tropical days. So you’ll be perfectly dressed in seconds with our Lazy Summer look.

Sexy basics for a quick Summer Look

These trendy, slim-fitting denim shorts are your perfect summer basics. They can be combined with crop tops and shirts and used in lots of different ways: With shorts, you can look just as good in the city as you do on the beach or at open-air festivals, and they’re also great for showing your tanned legs at their very best. A bold, neon-coloured belt in pink, yellow and green will contrast well with the darker denim fabric and turn any basic look into a real eye-catcher. Alternatively, you could wear these shorts along with a wider belt with a jewelled buckle. There are practical pockets for things like tickets, and these sexy denim shorts can be worn with either sandals or sneakers.

A top for those hot days

Get ready for those warm days and hot tropical nights with this Sling Crop Top. Its narrow spaghetti straps will leave your back and shoulders uncovered, and the figure-hugging cut will allow you to really show off your sunny side. Narrow slings at the neckline add a touch of sophistication, and also make you look very sexy without too much effort. This sling crop top will always look good in black – but this top is also available in some of the season’s freshest summer colours (salmon, pink, turquoise and white).

These trendy wedge heels with rhinestones, in a neon-yellow, are guaranteed eye-catchers. With these sneakers, you’ll sparkle like the sun and they will be just as comfortable and easy to wear in the country as in the town. A rhinestone trim around the upper edge of the shoe adds an extra touch of glamour. And for a different look, they would also go perfectly with a sporty summer dress.